Friday, 17 April 2009

Happy Blogoversary!

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Wow, it finally arrived:
The much anticipated Blogoversary!

4 Years of Melly's LacePlace

I took the time in the past 2 days to look back onto these 4 years
and even read some really old posts.

So we have had funny times, angry times, sad times and also happy times...
Life served us a whole arrangement of different emotions, new experiences
and things to be learned! We have come a long way in these past 4 years...
and we have grown...emotionally, physically and also spiritually!

We went from occasional posts about things happening in our lifes to showing progress of "Knitter stuff" to "Learning How to" design sock patterns.

I am very thankful for the last 4 years and all the nice people I have met
and all the nice friends I have made here through this blog!

I want to thank each one of you for visiting, commenting,
encouraging me and also enduring my, sometime a bit goofy antics...*lol*

You guys all abso-knitting-lutely rock and you make all of this worthwhile!

Thank you!

And while you are here...

leave a comment, some cake, coffee, some yarn, a fruit basket or other gifts....*lol*

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