Saturday, 22 March 2008

Lyra finished!

I knitted Lyra within 11 days (and nights...*lol*).
And added one day to wash, starch and block "her". So 12 days to complete the task.

I am very happy and proud of myself.

Yes I admit it, it somehow feels as if I have finally earned the rights to call myself a lace knitter.
Although I have been knitting doilies and other lace for about 14 years now, i never just felt like I feel now since I have knitted LYRA....funny, huh?

Here are some facts:
Lyra is very addictive and so great to knit.
I was amazed, that it wasn't as hard to knit as I thought it might be.
In fact I was frightened at first and not so sure, if I could accomplish this major task.
But then I just started to knit and it got to me, I just couldn't stop....I was "hooked"!
Lyra just took over and I was knitting like a maniac = addiction!

I used Four Seasons Gründl Häkelgarn 100, that is fine crochet cotton, and
size 2 and 2,5 mm needles.
My Lyra is 40 inches in diameter.
And I also had the "squished" leaves I read so many Lyra-knitter writing about and I found out, that it must be the result of the major increase of stitches for the flower.
I wasn't so happy about it, but my Mother reminded me of this:
"You can't find symmetrical leaves in nature. Some are squished, some are squashed....that's about normal!" Truly a wise woman, my Mum is!

And I've decided:
This will definitely not be my one and only Lyra, I just got some cotton for another Lyra
the other day.

And just to complete this entry, here is a detail-shot
(just like the one Soo has got on her site...
....I just loved it, so I had to play copycat here....hope you don't mind, Soo....)

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