Thursday, 6 March 2008

No further progress...

.... on the "Fischer sin fru"-Shawl. I did the swatch and started the first clue, but somehow i lost my love for it.
When I see it on other blogs and admire, how lovely it looks , I would like to cry whine over my own lack of discipline (wait a minute: I admitted that in an earlier post, didn't I?)

Do i have to admit, that I discovered I am not a shawl-knitter after all?
I just hate lace-yarn on broomsticks aka needles that are fatter than 3,00 mm (and that is only acceptable with fingering weight yarn).
I love the look and the feel of shawls and I am subscribed to quite a few Mystery-KAL's, but somehow............

May I still call myself a laceknitter?
I love doing doilies and tablecloths with laceyarn or crochet-thread on incy-wincy needles. I really do, I enjoy myself knitting with small needles!
But large needles? yuk!
But: I really enjoyed doing the Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl!
Then again, that was sock-yarn on appropriate needles, so this was fun!

Am I a "needle-snob"? Yes I guess so.........*lol*

I would really love to complete the shawl, but somehow I got the roll on lace-doilies right I shall put it aside and try not to let it bother me any longer. Or should I frog it?
I have no clue ! (pun intended)

I need some advice here, can you help me?

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