Wednesday, 30 April 2008

No need to....

....go Bungeejumping for an Extra-Adrenalin-Kick, when you are knitting with some leftover yarn from some other socks!!!

Hoping like hell that the yarn is going to be sufficient, but still praying and keeping the fingers and toes crossed.

During the last 30 rows I thought the wool was not going to be enough for this pair of partner-socks for my youngest daughter and the knitting got faster and faster.

At last I was knitting at the speed of Michael Schumacher.....*lol* (never saw him knit, though)
.....I had to tink back two rows, because the tension was to tight ;-))).

But finally, here they are:
Rainy Day socks for Cynthia

And here are the leftovers of the wool:

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