Sunday, 23 November 2008

Grandma's Kitchen Oven hanger... on my needles right now.
What fun, it's a great pattern and I love love love knitting it up.
It's from my friend Rachel van Schie and she did a great job, as always, writing the pattern.
Thanks Rachel!

Here is the Oven hanger at 50 %:

When it is finished I will take photos of it hanging on my oven before it travels a long way to the U.K. to my friend Janice! She is a Grandma and I hope she will get a kick out of it!

Can you read, what it says? It says:

Grandma's kitchen
Kids eat free

When this one is finished I will make another one for my Mum
(hope she does not read this... *lol*)
Oh before I forget:
I am using worsted weight 100% cotton, called Malta from "Wolle Rödel"

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